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Leah Dannar-Garcia grew up two doors to the west of the farm and played here as a kid; the experience left her with a deep love of animals and the farming life. She spent her early adult years in New York City. Later, she travelled and worked in countries around the world before returning to Wichita in 1998 and marrying the boy next door soon after....Read more


The farm was built over a hundred years ago in 1916. Ron Garcia’s parents bought the place when he was a small boy back in 1950. Back then 21st Street was a dirt road and there were farms all around. Over the years, Ron’s family had a milk cow, beef cattle, a few pigs, some sheep, lots of chickens, hunting dogs, and barn cats....Read more


Kyle is a newly minted high school environmental science teacher with a background in biology, natural resources, and urban agriculture. In addition to teaching, he manages the behind the scenes operations of Firefly and Rise. He first joined the crew during the 2017 growing season before leaving to try on a few other hats. Kyle’s a home chef, an amateur craftsman, and an avid reader--his favorite crops to grow are Pink Brandywine tomatoes, basil, and hot peppers.

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